Is Art Necessary?

  By Vijaya Koteeswaran   I am an artist at heart and an accountant by profession. I make paper collage paintings and also enjoy painting with acrylic on canvas. I particularly like learning new techniques and styles of painting. However for some time now I have been plagued by the question “Is art necessary?” I have felt perhaps I ought to put my time to better … Continue reading Is Art Necessary?

Sitting Through a Movie in Comfort

  Everyone loves a great movie. Whether it’s watching Tom Cruise hang from a building or a new rom-com, movies are a nice diversion from the daily grind (if only for a couple of hours), a place to stay cool on hot summer days, and usually provide pure, unadulterated enjoyment. To make the experience even more pleasant, theaters are now boasting reserved seating, fancier fare … Continue reading Sitting Through a Movie in Comfort