Gifts That Will Wow the Receiver, and What They Say About the Giver

  Unless you are socially inept, the wow-factor is what you’re looking for when you give your holiday gifts. That perfect present that makes the recipient pause and say, “Wow!” But with a cornucopia of choices—including a seemingly endless stream of online offers — you need to consider what your gift is saying about you when it’s unwrapped. The right gift, as consumer behavior expert … Continue reading Gifts That Will Wow the Receiver, and What They Say About the Giver


  By Roland E. Williams   We should cherish the moments we spend together How much we do depends on one another How often we do depends on each other We should spend more moments to cherish together How many we do depends on one another How sweet they are depends on each other We should spend more moments cherishing each other When we do … Continue reading THE MOMENTS WE CHERISH


  By Roland E. Williams   Has there been a sunrise without a thought of you? A heartbeat for you that was ever untrue? An intake of air that has not left me glowing? The warmth of your love so overflowing My mind as contented as a calm sea. Embraced by your arms tight around me. We shall become more one than one can be. … Continue reading WHAT MORE CAN WE ASK FOR?

FAMILIAR (Short Story)

  By Roland E. Williams   The names of the streets in that part of the old colonial city were dates. Days in numbers and the months written in full in Spanish but long names abridged. The name of the street of his hotel had not been shortened. The date of this street was his mother’s birthday and Nicholas took a room. He squinted looking … Continue reading FAMILIAR (Short Story)


  By Faye-Chantelle Mondesir   To sit with the aged, the wise, the endured Old souls, sages, dreamers, positive thinkers Optimists, the gifted, rich-spirited To learn, be educated, become enlightened   I want to sit with the broken-spirited The broken-hearted, down trodden The oppressed, the downcast and ostracised To comfort, soothe, pacify, reassure Give strength, hope and life!   To sit with gossipers, tale-bearers, Strife-makers, … Continue reading THE NEXT SUPPER


  By Faye-Chantelle Mondesir   The truth may sometimes hurt ego and pride It doesn’t threaten character, but improves it It doesn’t have to offend unless we allow it   Truth is meant to grow and edify Uplift and add wisdom And can do so much good in one’s life In terms of personal growth Elevation and transformation   Before offense creeps in In the … Continue reading TRUTH