By Roland E. Williams   Have you still a single doubt in your mind? Have I said any words that were unkind? Is my love for you not completely clear? Do you still have any feelings of fear? There is no reason to fear the future For the past has been a good teacher There’s no reason to fear my love for you Unless … Continue reading IS MY TRUTH TOO TRUE FOR YOU?


By Roland E. Williams   Does one’s birth allow another’s death? Or Does one’s death allow another’s birth?   Were humans created so that sin may exist? Or Was sin created because humans exist?   Do rivers flow because bridges must be built? Or Are bridges built because rivers must flow?   Was love made so that we can procreate? Or Do we procreate so … Continue reading PREDESTINED


  By Faye-Chantelle Mondesir   The truth may sometimes hurt ego and pride It doesn’t threaten character, but improves it It doesn’t have to offend unless we allow it   Truth is meant to grow and edify Uplift and add wisdom And can do so much good in one’s life In terms of personal growth Elevation and transformation   Before offense creeps in In the … Continue reading TRUTH