By Roland E. Willaims


The pages numbered only four

But contained all that was done and could not undo

You said there was nothing bad I had done to you

Yet it was now all out the door

And once again I forgave you


My heart could not let go of all those years we had

Some were good and many were not even that bad

And once again you were untrue

My heart was now past being sad

There was but one thing left to do

All was now really out the door!….

(I finalized UNRAVELED just a few minutes ago)


I said to the singer

Singer, sing me my song

He said he cannot sing that which has been unwritten

Because your song has been erased and undone

As if it was never to be sung


I said to the barman

Barman, pour me my drink

He said how can he pour me that which has never been brewed

And the brewery was burned to the ground

And the only recipe with it


I said to the cook

Chef, prepare me my meal

He said it is something he can no longer serve me

For the ingredients are now all extinct

And left not a trace of DNA


I then asked the historian

Tell me, what is my story?

He turned and asked me, and who may you be?

Only those who made their mark

Are in the books of history



By Roland E. Williams


Have you been to where I lost my mind?

I left it wrapped up in a ball of twine

I put it down and turned around

Now it’s nowhere to be found!

It’s awkward living like this

I beg you pretty, pretty please

To put my poor mind at ease!



By Roland E. Williams

The lies remain and joined by others

You let them

You must

You did not devise them

But you are the lie

It is your calling

Unwillingness has mastered the minds

And you, you have grown almost comfortable

With being the lie

After knowing you had to convince yourself

That it is best to hate one person

Instead of two


Who parented you as the lie

One half refusing recognition

The other’s nose bleeds

But not that dark blood

That which your heart secretes

Ever since and ever will

The truth will not make you less of a lie

At most you might enter the grey

The truth has been twisted

In awkward angles

Those of which lies are made of

They come to your door

Both seen and unseen

They come to your life


Bringing their lies

And all others with them

Knowledge of you they have


But that does nothing to stifle

Their assertive attitude

Where does this emanate from?

From the lie that you are

From your inability of ill-thoughts

From a future wrongly projected

The years have enslaved you

Into quietude and silence

You are now the lie

The fate you sealed

The moment you chose for love


MUSINGS – The Expressions of A Feminine Soul (Title Piece)

By Faye-Chantelle D. Mondesir


Many beautiful shades of me

A fabulous assortment of colours

In various seasons

Many expressions

Of one single soul


A wombman!

Who need not be explained

For she simply EXISTS!

To create!

TO GIVE LIFE to things!


Not without a purpose

Or by some random act of nature

… but because she is a part

Of the infinite script

That has already been written


Thank you SOURCE

For living through me

And using me as a vessel

… A portal

… A transmutor


To experience this physical plain

And dimension that is earth

One of many chosen

To walk this physical path

Not void of vision


Part human

Part spirit

Part wit

The expression of mind

Body and soul… Combined!


Bottom line

In spite her many moods

And inner compartments

She forever remains









By Roland E. Williams


You heard me asking, asking for your hand

I knew you’d take me to the promised land

Mesmerized by words of inner beauty

As you were, already, my wife to be

There is but one future: the one with you

It is the one thing that will remain true

You see our home: designed and all laid out

And the passion you embrace without doubt

Of the heated love we will make each day

During which everything else shall make way

You are my future: of that I am sure

It is sprung from a love that is so pure

I stroll at times through my mind’s images

And dwell serenely in and out places

I recognize them to be what will be

As tangibly as anything can be

That one future has a name: you and me

And our blessed common offspring to be



By Roland E. Williams


The flowers smell sweeter

When you stand next to me

Your smile has become endless

Ever since we have become one

A single moment given me out of love

Surpasses all given to others out of lust

I discover when I look deep into your eyes

Where all fallen stars have disappeared to

As you speak each delicate word

The sky opens up briefly before me